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Punjab House - Apsley Tailors were founded in the year 1889 and since then have made a mark of success in the field of bespoke tailoring. In the olden days, most of the clients were from the British Army and the Royal Navy and after that the business class. Currently and from many decades, Apsley Tailors have been the official tailors to very famous sports clubs like Fulham Football Club, army clubs, corporate houses and industrialists.

This art of creating beautiful bespoke clothes, specially suits have been handed down to us generation after generation of master tailors and craftsmen. You can expect to get the finest clothes made by our tailors when you commission us for making your bespoke suits. We also have a very wide range of fabrics and colours, from which our clients can choose to buy whatever suits them the best. Our master tailors are there to help them choose the right fabric and also to design the type of suit or shirt they want. Not only this, our fitters are always on tour around the globe to make sure that your suits fit you perfectly and you the product for which you have paid.

If you desire to have the best bespoke clothes (specially suits) made for you, which you can cherish to a lifetime as a jewel in your wardrobe and you desire to show your personality to the world, then Apsley Tailoring House is the best and right place for you.


Apsley Tailor is all about the bespoke approach. Here you will not find any off the peg or made-to-measure clothing and we do not work from ready-made patterns. Each and every garment is hand-cut and stitched by our master tailors to your exact design and specification, resulting in a one off garment with a perfect fit.

We specialise in the tailoring of bespoke items for ladies and gentlemen of the highest quality coupled with an outstanding level of service.


Apsley Tailor boasts one of the most complete collections of fabrics available, whether for day-to-day use or for an occasion requiring ultimate luxury.

Ranging from the finest of Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna and Loro Piano to Charles Clayton, Dormeuil and Wain Shiell, our collection includes lightweight 6oz fabric, suitable for extreme hot weather, or up to 20 oz of top English fabric for British traditional suiting, as well as a large collection of Scottish tweeds and Harris tweeds.

Why Apsley

An unlimited range of styles and thousands of fabrics to choose from.
Our experienced fitters will assist in styling and selecting fabrics depending on your needs.
See our fitters on one of our bimonthly visits to over 100 cities worldwide.
If you are not satisfied, we will adjust or remake your fittings.
We keep your measurements on file forever.

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