Here is some of testimonials from our clients.

"Hi Andrew, Just received the second suit- fits well. I am very happy with the service. Would definitely like to buy more in the future. Philip ,Canada"
- Philip Lai (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
"Thanks Andrew, I can say that the service has been impeccable.From organizing my appointment,to the measuring,and the delivery of the suit and shirt themselves,everything was handled with the utmost professionalism.The measuring itself was through and detailed. I also appreciated the wide selection of fabrics, styles and options available to me. Lastly, I received my first set of garments much quicker than expected,which was a nice surprise."
- David Farmer (Calgary, AB, Canada)
"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in purchasing my tailored suits from Ricky and the team at Apsley tailors. As well as the clothing being of the highest quality and a great fit, the professionalism and courtesy that they conducted themselves with was an excellent experience for me as a customer. With the amount of people that hassle you on the street to see their lower grade tailor shops, it was a breath of fresh air to be dealing with the best. I can't wait to wear my new suits. Thanks again Apsley tailors!"
- Chris Bragg (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
"Buying a tailor made suit seemed like a luxury for me. I have always bought off the rack but after dealing with Andrew I never will buy a suit off the rack again. Andrew was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He was friendly and easy going, no hard sell, just confident of his product and how to get the best for the customer. I learned more about fabric, layout and style of suit than I ever knew in the last 40 years of buying suits. Andrew has impeccable taste and style which assisted me greatly in making my decisions. He could read my body type and made suggestions I took at his word and was overly impressed with the finished product, he knows his stuff. The finished product’s were delivered promptly and on time. The fit was like a second skin. I could not imagine the meetings I sat through with an ill fitting suit and believe me, everything not tailor made by Andrew and Aspley Tailors is now considered ill fitting. I am a bigger guy, 6 foot 5 and 275 pounds, and I cannot say enough about the service and product delivered. I know me and my three sons will also be buying tailor made suits from Apsley Tailors in the future as nothing feels quite as assuring and confidence boosting like putting on a tailor made suit. I notice and my clients and peers notice the difference. Not to mention my wife goes crazy for a sharp dressed man. Best regards Harry Draaisma"
- Harry Draaisma (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
"Fantastic service. We had a suit and 4 chinese dresses made and are very happy with them. Thank you so much"
- Elen Robbins (UK)
"I just wanted to let you know that I got my package of clothing earlier this week. It all fits superbly and look good (And makes me feel great). Please keep me on your list and let me know when you will be back again in my area (Victoria)."
- Sterling Haugen (Regina, SK, Canada)
"I received my shirts yesterday. They are a perfect fit; I am very happy with it :) I will order some more from you towards the end of the year."
- Sean Pike (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
"I just wanted to let you know I received the three sport coats and they're really fantastic, they fit perfectly and look incredible. I'll look out for the suit and remaining five shirts. Thanks and all best, Raphael"
- Raphael Allison (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
"I would also like to thank you for your professional courtesy as it relates to my shirts and suits. Your guidance and knowledge with respect to clothing is a valuable expertise as I can honestly say that I have received many compliments about the choice of fabric and cut/design of my suits. The stitching and detail is amazing. When you stated in June 2013 "trust me Mr. Wall" I did and I am proud and confident when I walk into a boardroom or presentation wearing my Apsley tailored suits and shirts. I look forward to the next delivery of my suits and shirts."
- Graham Wall (Montreal, QC, Canada)
"Please convey my sincere appreciation to Harry who served me in Calgary Canada. My custom shirts arrived today and they look fantastic! I cannot wait to try them on. I am very impressed with the service Harry have me and hope to ordering shirts and suits in the future."
- Charles Crossin (Calgary, AB, Canada)
"Very friendly people and very helpful."
- Ryan Williams (London, OH, USA)
"I have been extremely impressed with the personalised service received from Harjay. Great job in putting the customer first."
- T Keeve (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)
"Hi Khan, We just picked up the parcel, thank you for keeping every promise you made to us. And the silver suit too! Nadja is very happy. Can't wait to see how we look in them. We will come see you when we are back in Hong Kong from the 21st-25th. Respectfully,"
- Lonny Ladouceur (Montreal, QC, Canada)
"Friends had told me about Apsley. They were absolutely right. The styles are amazing, classic but with a modern touch. The fabrics are beautiful. The service by Andrew is outstanding. I am extremely impressed by Apsley. Marianne Stenbaek Professor, Montreal."
- Marianne Stenbaek (Montreal, QC, Canada)
"Khan, I have really enjoyed my shirts and the suit that you have made me. I obviously order more shirts that suits. Going forward, how would I go about ordering shirts and how would I know what the pricing is?"
- Jordan Craft (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

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