Three suits, must for every gentlemen

Three suits, must for every gentlemen

Three suits, must for every gentlemen

A man looks his best in a suit and there is no other pieced of clothing which can make a man look better than a perfectly made suit. So, every man should have three of the following or at least any one of the following suits in his wardrobe.

1. Navy blue suit (woolen)

A beautiful navy blue suit is a must for everyman. Navy blue is a perfect shade for almost all the skin tones on this planet. Whether you are dark skinned, brown or have pale to fair complexion, you can wear a navy blue suit and it will look good upon you. Preferably, the suit should be made single breasted with `notched lapels and should not have more than two buttons in the front. The pockets should be made either flapped or jetted but not patched. The suit should fit you perfectly and at the same time it should not be uncomfortable or snug, that you cannot even move around in it. The best fabric suited for making an attractive and beautiful navy blue suit are wool or wool blends from the finest mills of Europe. The fabric not only keeps a person warm but is very smooth and long-lasting.

Now, the best way to wear this suit would be by wearing it with a crisp white shirt. Another good option is wearing it with a contrasting black or blue shirt. Remember not to wear bright colours like red, yellow or any other with this suit or your entire look would be ruined. A nice sleek black tie and oxford shoes would add to the overall glory of the suit.

2. A charcoal suit

Just like the navy blue suit, another best suit which every man should own is a charcoal suit. Charcoal is one of the most beautiful colours which looks good on men of any age and colour. This suit can be worn to parties, dates and even dinner parties. If blended with a white shirt and a black tie, you are sure to rock the place by standing out among other men. Charcoal suit can be made from fine woolen fabrics or blends and it is always better to have a suit made from fabrics which has some sheen on it. This adds to the overall look of the suit and enhances the personality of the gentleman wearing it.

It is better to have this suit made in single-breasted fashion but you can opt for having a double-breasted style with 4-6 buttons and it will give a very beautiful formal look to it.

3. Black Suit

Lastly, there is nothing better than a beautiful black suit. A black suit comes handy in every situation, let it be a meeting, a weeding, a party or even a funeral, a black suit will always make up for everything. For making a perfect black suit, choose the best fabric which comes from reputed brands and mills of Europe. The next step is perfect measurements and then stitching the perfect bespoke suit. The suit can have jetted pockets or pockets with flaps. The arms should be made of proper fitting. The suit would look better as a single breasted one with just 1 or 2 buttons in the front and a single vent in the back.

The suit can have a matching low cut waist coat which will make it a three piece suit. This beautiful suit can be worn over a nice white shirt with a slim black tie or with a shiny satin or silk black shirt.

Therefore, don't just sit reading this article but move to have at least one bespoke suit made for yourself this season and make an impression in your favorite colour.


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