Apsley Bespoke Tailors in Hong-Kong Specialize in Making Bespoke Navy Blue Suits

Apsley Bespoke Tailors in Hong-Kong Specialize in Making Bespoke Navy Blue Suits

Apsley Bespoke Tailors in Hong-Kong Specialize in Making Bespoke Navy Blue Suits

In the heart of Hong-Kong, lies one of the world’s most famous and oldest bespoke suit makers, the Apsley Tailors.

The tailoring house of Apsley has so many tailors, designers and fitters who are excellent craftsmen in their work. One of the most famous product of Apsley Tailors are their bespoke suits and among them, the blue suit.

Technically speaking, blue suits are made from a wide range of blue colours including dark blue, blackish blue and the most famous is the navy blue. Navy blue suits are the most sought after suits in the bespoke suiting industry and you must be wondering, why is that?

Specially, when most of the other casual clothes which people prefer to wear are not usually navy blue. The reason behind this is that navy blue suits look best at any occasion and in any style and they never go out of vogue.

There’s an old saying the bespoke tailoring industry that every man should at least have one navy blue bespoke suit in their wardrobe. One can wear a nicely made, customized navy blue suit (specially made by Apsley Tailoring House) casually with a white shirt and a pair of black loafer shoes. Add a black tie to it and you have transformed your casual look into a fully formal look for any formal meeting or event.

This is the beauty of navy-blue suit, they can be transformed into any type of clothing depending upon the situation, let it be casual, formal, semi-formal or just out door strolls.

The best and beautiful, bespoke navy blue suits made by Hong-Kong’s Apsley tailors can be worn separately. This simply means, you can wear navy blue trousers with white shirt and casual black shoes and rock in the sun as a casual guy or wear a grey blazer with navy blue suit trousers and a lightly checkered shirt underneath the blazer.

Other options include wearing steel grey trousers with a navy blue suit jacket and a tie and making it a beautiful contrasting suit for any evening. If one goes on in blending and making different suit versions with a navy-blue suit, there are endless possibilities. To figure out what you can do with your navy blue suit, head to Apsley Tailors in Hong-Kong and have a beautiful, bespoke navy-blue suit made out for yourself.


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