Assumption about Bespoke Three Piece Suit | Bespoke Clothing

Assumption about Bespoke Three Piece Suit | Bespoke Clothing

Assumption about Bespoke Three Piece Suit

People think they've mastered the suit, and then it's time to "up" the game a little and add another ingredient to change the whole conversation. A three piece suit doesn't mean changing all the rules you've learnt with the suit, it just means adding some class to an already posh resemble.
There was nothing called a 2 piece suit because the availability of vests, but due to some reasons their popularity fall. Fashion trends have been juggling the vests and they continue to go "In" and "Out" of the trend.
Apsley Bespoke Tailors have been styling London, Hong Kong and Sydney for over 120 years. They have been serving Ambassadors and leaders of industry and politics, dressing them with style, elegance and a dedication to complete service. As the world has changed and fashion has changed, but our dedication to our customer services remains the same.
It's basically a pair of suit with a vest. The fit of the suit is just as important as the style and color. The vest should fit to you perfectly and hug your torso flawlessly; vests have adjusters at the backside so it fits your waist. Try to sit for a while after you've adjusted so you know it's comfortable. The jacket should fit just as embraceable, after all, a suit is meant to look anything but tattered. The pants should fit comfortably on the hips and fall elegantly.
The three piece suit just not like something you could wear to the office for a style statement, so it's no longer welcomed in the workplace as it is in a high class party. So you can wear it wherever you want to make a loud statement. Furthermore, a matching 3 piece suit is a very formal decision so a tie is required to keep it up with the formality, try to focus on the knot of the tie more than the length as only a few inches of it will be visible. Each piece (jacket, trousers and vest) need to be made of the same fabric or else they will look ridiculous. Apart from this, wearing an oddly colored vest is not for everyone but if you can pull it off you should. Experiment and try to create combinations that are sensible, as well as unique. If you are comfortable with an odd vest, this can greatly multiply the number of outfits in your wardrobe so does try.
The most essential part of any suit is its jacket or coat. If the fitting or length of the coat is not correct then the money spent on making the suit is just a waste. Always keep these few tips in mind whenever you go for bespoke clothing.


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