Bespoke Black Suit by Apsley Tailors in Hong Kong

Bespoke Black Suit by Apsley Tailors in Hong Kong

Bespoke Black Suit by Apsley Tailors in Hong Kong

Most favored colour among men of all ages for making suits are just three. Yes, it might seem very strange that billions of men all around the globe are just stuck to three colours?

Well, it is a fact that from time immemorial men have invested in darker colours which gave them a feel of manliness and other than that they did not like to be identified as a sissy man or an effeminate man. So chose colours which were dark and sober.

With changing times this changed a lot and men started to invest in tartan patterns and slowly they began to experiment with other colours and designs and today, you might find only one or two men in the remotest villages of the world who hold the old opinion about suit colours.

Still, why most men around the world love to wear only three colours in suits and those three are black, charcoal grey and navy blue. Among these three colours the most demanded suit by youngsters for their social gathering events and prom nights are black.

Black indeed used to be associated with mourning, and most people wore it only when the mourned the death of a loved one or went for funerals. But that thing is gone long ago. Now black is used in almost all events, whether you are going for a party, an interview, a social event, dating or a funeral. People tend to wear black suits.

Apsley tailors, the most reputed tailors of Hong-Kong specialize in making one of the finest black suits in the world. Men who desire to wear a well-tailored, long lasting suit, should look for no other place but visit the Apsley Tailoring House in Hong-Kong and get for themselves, one of the finest suits which can be tailored in any part of the world.

Not just this, you can get matching or contrasting ties, shirts, cravats and what not with the suit you order. There is a huge variety of black suiting for men at the Apsley store and you can choose which ever type of fabric and type of black you want and have it made for yourself.


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