Bespoke Tuxedos by Hong-Kong’s best tailoring House, Apsley

Bespoke Tuxedos by Hong-Kong’s best tailoring House, Apsley

Bespoke Tuxedos by Hong-Kong’s best tailoring House, Apsley

Though most of the people wear suits on special occasions and many wear them daily for work but what about special dinner parties? A suit become boring and just not appropriate for such occasions.
Such events are to be celebrated in finest crafted bespoke tuxedos and who can make them better than Apsley Bespoke Tailors. Let us see why a tuxedo is better than normal formal suits for occasions like parties and specially dinner parties.
Contrary to a suit, a tuxedo usually has satin on lapels of the jacket and a satin bead runs on both the pair of trousers. Suits do not have any such things on the lapels they are made from the same fabric over all. Though the differences between the two have faded a bit in the past few decades, yet you can distinguish between a suit and a tuxedo clearly.
Apsley Tailoring House in Hong-Kong specialize in making tuxedos for any occasions, be it a prom night of your son, who is graduating the high school, your wedding day or just a high class office party, Apsley Tailors can make tuxedos just according to your needs and taste.
For making these customized tuxedos, Apsley Tailors use the finest clothing which can be had from the mills of Europe and around the world. You will love the fact that your measurements are taken by the teams of expert tailors and fitters and then the fabrics of the most exclusive and best collection are shown to you, from which you can choose whatever you like.
Don’t just think that making a tuxedo is just limited to back and white colours only. You can choose from more than a hundred suiting shades for you special, bespoke tuxedo. So, whatever the occasion be, wear your stylish Apsley tuxedo in style ad impress the world around you.


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