Busting some of the age old nonsense myths associated with wearing suits.

Busting some of the age old nonsense myths associated with wearing suits.

Busting some of the age old nonsense myths associated with wearing suits.

What are some of the myths related to wearing suits? Well in different societies, people have different views on the clothing they wear and usually people identify themselves with the clothing they wear and take pride in their cultural dressing.

Yet, there is one universal clothing which is liked by all the peoples of various countries and is worn by every man at least once in life. This clothing is called a suit. While some people may wear it daily and some occasionally, there is a lot of misunderstanding among people with formal wear and this article will bust the myths related to formal clothing (i.e. suits).

There is an old myth among the peoples of the world that men cannot wear formal clothing too often or every day! The reason behind this myth is the (now nonsensical) idea of the 60s and 70s that men's suits are not flexible and is made of twill which cannot be worn in springs or summers.

Even today, this myth is strongly held by majority of the peoples in the world and due to this reason many a gentlemen drop the idea of buying a suit for themselves. People often think that investing money in something which can only be worn in once or twice a year is not profitable and therefore drop the idea of investing in good formal clothing.

The fashion industry and media has also portrayed that it is cool to wear shorts and t-shirts or tank tops in spring and summers while wearing a suit is a strict no-no. Many even think that wearing a suit everyday would make them appear rather haughty and will decrease their chances of being in the precious company of the opposite sex.

Well, there might be many more myths which I have not listed here but our main reason to include this subject in our post was to break these myths and introduce the truth to our customers and readers.

Wearing a suit and that two a bespoke one, is the real deal in life. If a man has never worn a suit even for once he has missed on the chance of looking as good as a movie star. Suits surely enhance our personality and they can be worn every day. It is not just the officials of the FBI or the bureaucrats, the hotel industry staff who can wear a suit everyday but you too can.

We have a very fine range of fabrics which are best for wearing in summers and springs, let alone autumn and winter. The best we offer are suits made in linen fabric which are not only very cool to look at and nature friendly but absorb high amounts of sweat and quickly dry leaving you free from sweat and cool. Another very popular fabric used for making summer suiting is the seersucker. Seersucker is a very thin, eco-friendly fabric made of cotton which keeps the body cool by reflecting heat and moisture.

Chambray, is another type of fabric which looks a little rugged and gives you the feel of being an alpha male but is one of the best suit fabric for summers. The good thing about this fabric is that you can wear it even in winters without feeling too cold.

So, break the old myths yourself by visiting Apsley store in your or near your city and try these different patterns, weaves and blends and then buy the best bespoke suit for yourself. One thing which you should be assured of is that you will get the best service and quality product which exists in the market. Summers are here again and it's time to rock every day in breathable, light-weight bespoke suit.


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