Double breasted versus single breasted coats/jackets in bespoke clothing.

Double breasted versus single breasted coats/jackets in bespoke clothing.

Double breasted versus single breasted coats/jackets in bespoke clothing.

When you come to any bespoke tailoring house and you are looking for getting made a nice suit for yourself it becomes confusing  whether to go for a double breasted or a single breasted jacket? The dilemma is double for lean guys as they look good in both the types of jackets and cannot decide which will look better on them! So basically what is the basic difference between a double breasted or single breasted coat? Which one is better than the other and which one people prefer more?
The answers to these questions are very simple, both suit jacket types (double breasted and single breasted) are popular and its just a matter of preference which one you would like to wear.  Double breasted jackets had gone out of fashion for nearly a decade or so but  made a comeback in the recent two - three years and is now getting more and more  popular among the men folks. If you desire to look more formal or desire to show a thin waist then you should go for a snuggly made double breasted suit or else single breasted suits are best for everyone and every occasion.
The process of making a double breasted bespoke suit is pretty much the same as a single breasted one, it's just different in the front closure . When you have finally decided which  type of suit you want then the first thing which you will be offered in a bespoke tailoring house would be fabrics from which you can choose anything which fits into your budget and looks good on your body. You can also have these suits made online by simply visiting our website and uploading your correct measurements. Once the fabric has been chosen then you can pick the interior lining for your suit.
The construction of a bespoke suit, double breasted or single or any other design is an art in itself and takes about four to eight weeks. After the measurements had been taken, your suit fabric is appropriately cut to the measured dimensions of your body. It is our duty to give the best finished final product so you need not worry about anything.
Most highly experienced tailors would stitch the exact measurements of the suit. Then, you will be intimated the dates for the trial of your suit. You can then try the suit with the help of the fitters and check for yourself if there is a problem regarding the size and stitching of the suit which needs to be fixed. After this, your suit will be finally made and sent to you. This is how any suit is made in bespoke tailoring houses like ours.


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