Dress for success with our company tailors | Hollywood Suit Outlet

Dress for success with our company tailors | Hollywood Suit Outlet

Dress for success with our company tailors

It’s not just what you say and what you do that can make or break a first impression – it’s also what you wear. We at Apsley Australia have always known that the suit makes the man, and it’s now been shown that your level of success can be determined, accurately or otherwise, within seconds of a new person meeting you. And it’s all down to your clothes. A man wearing bespoke clothing is seen as more successful by people meeting him for the first time than a man wearing clothes that are clearly ill-fitting and were not designed with him in mind.

But that’s what we do here at Apsley. Your But it isn’t just the wearing of bespoke Apsley attire that will help you be dressed for success. The difference is in the details, from the colour of your tie (red indicates aggression whereas royal blue suggests a cool self-assuredness) and the flaunting of designer brands (seen as superficial by employers) to the crinkles in your shirt (which, ideally, should be ironed out).

Apsley Tailors can help you make a first impression that leaves a lasting impression – of the very best kind. Our dedicated tailors regularly visit our office in Sydney. They can guide you through the bespoke fitting process, from choosing colours, fabrics, cuffs and collars, to taking measurements that will ensure your clothes fit just right.

It is our aim to make your tailoring experience as pleasant as possible. We offer a broad range of fabrics of the very highest quality, and our expertise can ensure we choose the one that’s right for you. The measurement process is comprehensive, with over 30 measurements being taken, but our master tailors can make sure the experience is swift and fuss-free.

We are in pursuit of perfection for our clients and friends. You deserve nothing less. We can guarantee that your new, bespoke, fully personalised suit will be tailored to your body and lifestyle, and we are confident that you will be dressed for success in in all of your endeavours.


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