Dress like 007 | Black Suits | Custom Shirts Near Me

Dress like 007 | Black Suits | Custom Shirts Near Me

Dress like 007

Have you ever wondered how come the actors in James Bond and the same type movies look so well dressed? They have style, appeal and a charisma which can turn heads. Not, just in the movies but even otherwise some actors and models look terrific dressed in suits. These suits are made from fine fabrics by the most talented tailors in the bespoke suit industry.

Apsley Tailoring House is also one such brand in the tailoring industry which makes very elegant and trendy bespoke suits from high quality fabrics. The suits made in this tailoring house are made from very high quality fabric and there is no compromise with craftsmanship.

Whether it is the measuring, cutting or stitching, all are done very accurately and the tailors always keep in mind what the client desires to look. This is what makes Apsley, so much better than factory made suits. The focus is always on introducing new and trendy suit and shirt styles, so that the client gets the best look of the season and wears what is in vogue. Not just the new trend but many classic suit styles, which have always been there are revived and kept in vogue with stylish additions.

Making a bespoke suit is like painting on a fresh canvas, each one is different yet each speaks of the hard work which is put there to make it look beautiful and fit the client without compromising any comfort. As a painter chooses a landscape and then fills it with colors on the canvas, bringing it to life. Apsley is one of the best tailoring house in Canada which put life in a piece of cloth and turns it into a piece of art. We currently cater to all the major cities like Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria and Mississauga etc. For ages, our clients have been prestigious sporting and military clubs. We have been in the business of making bespoke clothing since 3-4 generations and therefore know how to make James Bond out of a simple Joe.

Not just suiting, Apsley is also renowned for making customized shirts and trousers (pants). You can have all the in vogue or classic shirts and trousers made according to your body structure at our tailoring house with the choice of fabrics that you want. Our tailors are always there to help you choose among the best that is available in the clothing market.


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