Dressing up at your best for your very special prom night.

Dressing up at your best for your very special prom night.

Dressing up at your best for your very special prom night.

High school prom is the only once in a lifetime experience which every teenager loves to have. It is an end of school life making a beginning to college and we all know that dressing for a formal occasion like a prom can be very stressful. From choosing the cut of your suit to the color and the accessories you wear and the fragrance you pick, can all be a really intimidating experience.

Sometimes you need to work with many fitters and friends to finally conclude which look suits your personality best. A look which reflects both your personality and your style statement. A tuxedo is the first choice for every teenager and young adult, when they are looking to impress their peers and the opposite sex.

Along with the tuxedo, one should always wear a nice pair of trousers with cummerbund to have that elegant look. Few decades ago, guys used to wear shirt with frills but for the past decade such shirts are out of fashion and all that you need to wear are white shirts with a little embroidery or pleats in the front placket. Also, make sure that you are wearing cufflinks and not buttons on your sleeves.

Never go for readymade bowties, they might look easy to wear but and sometimes spoil the overall look if the elastic band or the hook goes lose. So, to have a real bowtie sung at the neck would be the best option for any prom goer. Make sure that the cummerbund and the bowtie are of glossy fabric like satin or silk to give that lustrous contrasting look to your overall dressing. Or else you would look plain and boring.

Next, come a brooch or a tiny little flower which should go with on the front lapel of the tuxedo. If you do not intend to look over-dressed then you can ignore wearing anything on the lapel of the tux. As far as the front of the tux goes, you should wear a pocket square definitely. Do not leave this little detail as it will make your appearance crisp and defined.

As you are finally prepared to rock the evening, just make sure that you have the best quality faux or genuine leather shoes to go along with your look. Good shiny shoes can make a big difference in your overall personality. There is no use of having dressed at your best but wearing unpolished or casual shoes as they will ruin your entire personality.

The next big thing is your stylish look, have a clean shaven face with well-groomed hair. If you are wearing long hair then make one single braid with straightened hair or wear them wavy with fizzy look. Also, wear a nice fragrance to stand out in the crowd. By the smell of your sent, everyone should be able to identify you.

Last and the most important thing, always wear branded and nicely bespoke tuxedos made by brands like Apsely. You can get a cheap suit from a supermarket but the real thing comes from real tailors.


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