Fabrics for winters, choosing among worsted wool, flannel and tweed

Fabrics for winters, choosing among worsted wool, flannel and tweed

Fabrics for winters, choosing among worsted wool, flannel and tweed

Now as the summer days are passing by, we are soon going to experience fall (autumn) and then winter. It is very important to get the best and right information about the types of fabrics used for winter suiting, so that one can invest in good fabrics while making bespoke clothes. The clothes should not only look good but must also protect against cold and dry weather and last at least a decade.

There are two main types of fabrics used for winter suiting, namely wool and flannel. These two are the best for keeping ourselves insulated and warm. If in the winter months you find yourself shivering in the cold in your suit, then be sure that weight of the fabric from which it has been made is too low. Both wool and flannel should be at least around 16-ounces in weight for making a good, warm winter suit.

What is a Worsted Wool yarn?

Many a times you might have heard the term worsted wool but maximum people never go into the details of knowing what it actually is! Most of the time, the term worsted wool is used context to men’s woolen suits. Worsted wool is nothing but carded wools (untangled and straightened wools) to remove the short and brittle fibers. What is left after that are long and thin strands which are then twisted to be spun into a yarn. This makes the wool more durable and fine.

What are Super 100s, Super 120s, etc.?

Many a times we all have heard the term “super”. This term refers to the quality of raw wool before it’s made into a suit. This measure is historically derived from how many 560 yard long spools which are called hanks could be yielded from a pound of wool. To differentiate among wools, a grading system was established where 70s meant that a pound of wool could yield 70 hanks. Similarly, 100s for 100 hanks etc. The word super is just a superficial classification added to these numbers for marketing purposes.

Now a days, these numbers define the quality of the wool and higher the number, more expensive it will be.

Tweed: The Rugged Fabric for Gentleman

Tweed is a woolen fabric which is quite different from worsted wool. Tweed is a rugged fabric and adds volume and rough texture to the suits or generally blazers and coats made from it. This fabric was basically made for the hardworking Scotsmen who had to live in misty, dark and cold places. Tweed, is used more over for making coats and warm blazers but other than that it can be used for making warm trousers too. If you desire to keep yourself warm in the winters, then tweed is the best option.


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