Five must have colors which every man should consider having in his wardrobe.

Five must have colors which every man should consider having in his wardrobe.

Five must have colors which every man should consider having in his wardrobe.

How much attention have you paid to the color of your suit? Do you really order a suit with a color in your mind or just randomly select one shade and pattern and go for it? Let's talk about five different suit colors which every man must think about before choosing a color for their special bespoke suit.

If you already have two or more suits in your wardrobe then you should not go for the same color as that of those suits and nearly similar to them. Doing this will land you into the monotonous world of the same colored clothes and you certainly do not want to look the same every day or at every occasion and people saying that this guy has got no more color options.

So when you are about to choose a new suit fabric for yourself, just make sure that it is different than those which you already have. Now, let's talk about the six colors which are very common in the world of bespoke suits and every man on this planet should have at least one of these colors in his wardrobe.

Number one, what do you think is the most common, the most versatile suit? Well, I think there are two colors which compete neck to neck for scoring number one position and these are navy blue (number one) and charcoal grey (number two).This probably is very North American colors in suiting world and there will always be a n argument among people which color among these two is number one but going by instinct, you could personally rank them as number one or two but make sure that you have both or at least one of them in your wardrobe.

The second color (though, personally I would keep it at number one), is black with white broad pinstripes which makes a man look awesome. Many celebrities for decades have worn this pattern and color and it has been there forever. Now a days, there are refined satin weave type fabrics made from the blend of wool and polyester which makes a man look even better and smarter having that clean and glossy look. The look itself is very posh and the feel of the fabric is comparable to none. This is the most sought after pattern and color in the suiting world and can make a popper look like a king.

At number three, we have got brown. Brown is the color of the grizzly bear and it looks look fully macho on a man. The only problem with this color is that the fabric needs to be very highly refined in order to give that crisp or sharp look, otherwise the person wearing it on will end up looking quite old and boring. On the contrary, it is a very good color for people who have passed the age of 50 and makes their personality grand.

Number four is none other than white. White is the color of peace, of truth and clarity. When you wear a white tux or a full formal white suit with a pair of white shoes, there is no doubt that you will be noticed by all. It gives a man's personality a bright appearance and a refreshing look. Just make sure that your white suit does not gets dirty because it is highly vulnerable to even the slightest dust around you and can diminish you appearance in fraction of a second.

Last but not the least are two favorites, light blue checkered (or tartan type) and pure black. A light blue suit is what most men would love to wear and specially if you have got a fair complexion, then you should consider wearing a light blue colored suit in fine fabrics and if that fabric has pinstripes or big thin line checkered squares, then you are a winner in your league. No, other suit will good both as casual and formal as this suit and therefore you should consider wearing this color if you love to dress in style. The black suit as we know goes with every event of your life. Let it be a wedding, a party, a board meeting and even a funeral. The best thing about a plain black suit is this that it goes with every occasion, every skin type and nearly every colored shirts.

So, no matter what your profession is, if you are a man who lives his life large, then you should have at least two of the colors form this list in your wardrobe of bespoke suits.


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