Mens Dark Grey Suit | Having a charcoal grey suit is a must for every man.

Mens Dark Grey Suit | Having a charcoal grey suit is a must for every man.

Having a charcoal grey suit is a must for every man.

Today, let’s talk about wearing a charcoal grey suit. There are five ways in which a man can wear a charcoal gray suit. So a charcoal grey suit falls into the category of those staple suits that every guy needs to have in his permanent wardrobe. The reason behind these five ways of wearing a charcoal grey suit are very simple, it is one of the most versatile suits that you can own whether you need it for business a semi-formal event or going to a wedding, out on a date. There are just so many ways that you can style it.

A charcoal grey suit is the perfect business suit. You can choose to wear a blue micro striped shirt from with your bespoke suit and pair it with a classic plain silk tie. For the shoes, you can choose to wear brown cap toe Oxfords. The dark brown pair will really go well with the blues in the shirt and the tie in a classic white pocket square  are just the perfect finishing touches transforming your gray suit into a formal armor for any business meeting.

This suit is also suitable for a semi-formal event. Just simply, wear a white French cuff shirt and a black necktie with black shoes and you are ready to rock the world. Not only will you look stunningly handsome but this look never dies down and is always fresh.

Now, thirdly, you can wear a very classy (a little retro) look by wearing a light shade grey or white turtle neck sweater or shirt under the grey suit. It will look comfortable and is very elegant.

Lastly, if you're going on a date or out for cocktails and you want to be sleek but not overdressed a charcoal gray suit is very easy to dress down the easiest way is to just lose the tie now you can choose a dark plaid shirt to give this look a little bit of an edge. You can also wear a nice, shiny black satin shirt underneath to give it a contrasting yet stylish look.

There are many other ways in which one can dress himself in charcoal black suit and I would say that this suit should be in every man’s wardrobe. Try few more looks on your own and see how you come out in this suit.


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