How to get the most from your bespoke suit | Custom Suits Near Me

How to get the most from your bespoke suit | Custom Suits Near Me

How to get the most from your bespoke suit

Apsley’s service to you does not end when you walk out of our door, bespoke suit in hand. Every customer and every Apsley suit, shirt and tie matter, so we will also provide the best aftercare should you need it, from nips and tucks to tightening stitches.

We are pleased to offer a three-month global warranty on each garment. Within this period, all alterations are free of charge and thereafter are priced at low industry rates.

While we’re always here for you and the care of your suit, there are some things you can do to ensure your suit remains in tip-top condition. We asked one of our in-house tailors at Apsley’s London showroom for his expert advice, based on decades of tailoring experience.

Our tailor’s tips

Do not wash your suit too often, and treat it with care – this is the way to get the most from your suit. Washing too often can cause damage to the fabric, and as with any clothing investment, it’s important you don’t expose it to too much wear and tear.

If a suit is to last, it must be seldom cleaned, and cleaned properly. To ensure your suit is dry cleaned carefully, we can recommend specialist dry cleaners who will sponge and spot-clean each garment individually, putting less strain on the fabric.

Suits may also suffer if pressed at too high a temperature. You have invested in your suit, so if you want it to last, you must treat it well and not expose it to excess heat.

We strongly suggest not putting heavy items in the pockets of your suit jacket as this will pull the suit out of shape. With this in mind, it is also recommended that you unfasten your jacket buttons when you sit down to stop it from pulling.

When you buy your new bespoke suit, consider getting an extra pair of trousers. After all, trousers do all the legwork, so having two interchangeable pairs will increase the lifespan of your suit overall.

After each wear, lightly brush and then hang your suit jacket to let it regain its shape easily.

We at Apsley Tailors care as much about your appearance as you do. By following these tips and taking good care of your bespoke suit, you can ensure that you keep looking good for longer.


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