Bespoke Tailor NYC Mr. Arshad Mahmood visiting New York this July

Bespoke Tailor NYC Mr. Arshad Mahmood visiting New York this July

Mr. Arshad Mahmood visiting New York this July.

Have you ever wondered, what would it feel like if you ever got a chance to sit with a world renowned style guru and got tips from them? For most of us these kinds of opportunities do not come every day but this time, it’s a special gift for the beautiful and ever stylish people of New York.

The man who took the tradition of bespoke suiting from his predecessors and multiplied it and spread it to the world, the man who is known among the high society of Great Britain for dressing dignitaries (gentry) and players and officials of world renowned sports club is going to be in New York City in the month of July, to meet the clients, fans and people who are passionate about fashion and clothing.

Mr. Arshad Mahmood has worked very hard from so many years to build this reputation of Apsley along with the most generous support of all this employees that Apsley Tailoring House has grown from Hong-Kong to Australia and from Canada to the U.S.

There cannot be a better feeling than feeling a smooth, soothing fabric on your body, making you look dapper. The way a beautifully tailored jacket hangs, its volume covering the shirt in harmoniously and the trousers moving comfortably fitting you perfectly on the waist and flowing down to your feet.

The feel and look of bespoke suiting is so different that you cannot imagine to get it from readymade suits etc. and who better can give you this experience and feel than Apsley Tailors! Just, visit us in our stores, or order online and meet our head, Mr. Mahmood in person to get the most desirable look which will make you stand out in the crowd.


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