Shirts are not just for office | How Much Does It Cost To Get A Shirt Tailored

Shirts are not just for office | How Much Does It Cost To Get A Shirt Tailored

Shirts are not just for office

Many people think that bespoke designer shirts are just meant to be made from plain fabrics and are to be worn just to work (office). Well, I beg to differ from this view and I think, if you have got one of the best tailors of the world available in a tailoring house and online, would you not invest in making high quality casual and party shirts for yourself?

I am talking about, the very famous Apsley Tailors from UK and Hong-Kong. Apsley Tailors are a master at their craft of making any types of shirts for their customers and making designer bespoke shirts are one of their signature works.

So, if you are thinking of buying some high quality casual shirts then do not waste your precious money on ready to wear (pre-made) shirts. Instead, invest in shirts which are made to fit only you and shirts which make you look awesome in every way.

Some very cool & popular shirts which Apsley Tailoring House has to offer are the following

  1. Colour Block Stripes
    These 100% cotton shirts are made from fabric which has single-ply Oxford weave. This makes this shirt not only a friend in the summers but makes it very durable and breathable. You also do not need to care about any wrinkles or creases. The best way to have this bespoke shirt made is by having a polo collar with regular placket and single convertible cuffs. This shirt is a must in any cool man’s wardrobe and is an excellent everyday wear option.
  2. Ditsy Print
    You wear this shirt and all the people will turn their heads. This is one of the best print and design for making a designer, casual, bespoke Apsley Shirt. The weave of this fabric is single ply Poplin (which is very light weight and smooth to touch). You’ll feel as if you’re wearing a cloud on your body. You can pair it with navy blue trousers or jeans of the same colour spectrum and walk as the coolest guy in town.
  3. Floral Pastel Print
    Now, these days there prints are popular, everywhere on Earth. These are some of the best causal shirts that one can lay their hands on. The shirts are made from cotton-blend fabrics which are excellent for all seasons. The design of the shirts are various floral prints (tiny and large) and you can choose the colour depending upon your choice and the look you want. This shirt will bring out the friendly side of your personality and will please the eyes of people around you.
  4. Linen
    Last but not the least, Apsley Tailors have on offer are the various colorful linen fabrics. These are made from genuine linen and are so very high quality. You can choose various cool colours for yourself like blue, green, coral, turquoise, pink etc. and flaunt your body in these semi-see-through shirts with style.

So, if you are about to buy some designer casual shirts for yourself, then visit Apsley Tailoring House in the UK and Hong-Kong or visit their website online and secure some nice, bespoke designer shirts for yourself.


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