Taking measurements for bespoke suiting while touring (Part 1)

Taking measurements for bespoke suiting while touring (Part 1)

Taking measurements for bespoke suiting while touring (Part 1)

While going on tours to different countries and visiting many cities, we do the measurement of our clients in such a way that the get the best suit for themselves. We would like to unfold the things which you should keep in mind regarding when you come to us for having the finest suits in the world made for yourself.

There are two important things you need to know before you measure. Number one, always measure in inches and number two just keep your normal posture it's always good to have a friendly and willing person to help you measure because some of these measurements you won't be able to do on your own. There are ten measurements we're going to take five for the jacket and five for the trousers those ten measurements are the jacket length the crown to cuff which is the sleeve measurement the halfback measurement the chest and the jacket waist. The five trouser measurements we're going to take are the trousers’ waist, seat measurement, the outside leg, the inside leg and the cuff measurement. So, the first measurement we're going to take is of the jacket’s neck and for this you just take the back and we measure from the nape all the way down to the bottom of the seat and normally it will be somewhere level with just the lower part of your wrist.

The second measurement is called the crown to cuff measurement. To do this, we just turn sideways to measure you and one needs to find the shoulder bone and put the tape measure a half a millimeter above that shoulder bone. We measure both feet towards the elbow and then down towards the wrist. The third measurement is called the halfback measurement and again we just turn to the back and find the inside of the arm and just measure along to halfway across the back from the inside of the arm all the way over to the halfback. The most important measurement of the jacket is the chest measurement and for this we ask that you stand to attention with your legs together and ask you to raise your arms gently. Then moving around to the side of the body arms down, we measure where the fingers meet. Your last chest measurement for the jacket will be the jacket - waist measurement and that just goes over the tummy button so standing to attention legs together raising both arms slightly and we come round all the way around the body over the belly button arms down.


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