The relevance of wearing a tie, a bow, cravat or nothing.

The relevance of wearing a tie, a bow, cravat or nothing.

The relevance of wearing a tie, a bow, cravat or nothing.

The most essential element of any formal suit is its tie, cravat or a bow tie. Without it, the suit looks quite incomplete and this  look does not go well in formal social meetings or gatherings. A simple tie which contrasts with the suit or the shirt can make a very big difference in the overall appearance of any man. A tie can indeed be substituted with a caravat but its appeal cannot be substituted with anything.
A tie looks good only when it is worn  a properly and the factors which make it look beautiful. The length of the tie is a very potent factor in dressing. We cannot forget what a joke President became just because his tie was too long on the inauguration day. The length of the tie  should not exceed below the waist of the pant and neither should it be too high. Other than that, choose bright and beautiful prints or a solid silk textured fabric.  The best knot with which a tie should be tied to your neck is the Windsor knot. This knot is very elegant and  stylish and always trendy. Just make sure that the Windsor knot or double knot as it's known in some countries does not look too big or too small.
Moving away from ties, let's  I talk about bowties  now. Bowties are generally warn with formal dinner jackets or specially in the evenings.  Nowadays you can simply go to fancy stores or a cloth house and even buy for yourself a ready-made bow tie. It looks exactly like a real bow tie and cannot be discovered unless or until taken off the neck.  Most men prefer to wear bowties in just three main colours, black being the most favourite with white being  a the second best and maroon the third  a most liked.
On the contrary, you may decide to go out to informal or more of a casual occasions without wearing a tie or bowtie. You would still look good but you need to be charming and wear a sharp suit preferably with a waist coat. However, if this idea is a little too loud for your semi - formal occasion then you can simply wear a cravat made from fine silk fabric. Just make sure, it is glossy and contrasting to your suit's colour.
Finally, whether you wear a tie, a bowtie or a caravat. It all boils down to how you present yourself and interact with people. Pay it cool and be confident, rest a fine made bespoke suit will take care of your personality.


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